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    Come see Kanaflex at the Pumper Show - Booth 6409

      Kanaflex Corporation is the leading manufacturer of flexible, lightweight and durable hose solutions. Our value, innovation and new technologies, drive customers to continue to use our hose for their specific applications since 1952. Kanaflex Corp. manufactures in Vernon Hills, IL., and Compton, CA to service the North American market. Kanaflex hose solutions are sold through our Approved Distributor network across the USA and Canada.

      Kanaflex produces many go-to hose solutions for the Vacuum and Septic industry. These hoses have become part of the trusted and proven solutions for operators to get the job done safely and effectively.

      We are pleased to introduce Kanaboom Series, our premium brand of lightweight, long lasting Urethane hoses. These features are built in to exceed demands of any job site and regulation.

      Stop by our Booth #6409 to find out more. To see Kanaboom on a truck, stop by Transway Systems Inc. Booth 5336/5337 or Presvac Systems Ltd Booth 5008. See you at the show.

      Materials & Equipment

      • Excavating Equipment
      • Hose & Fittings
      • Hose & Reels
      • Hydroexcavation Equipment
      • Vacuum Tank Parts/Components




    Come see Kanaflex at the ARA Rental Show - Booth 6947

      Kanaflex Corp.: Manufactures PVC, rubber, polyurethane and duct hoses that are used for agricultural and industrial applications.

      Product Categories

      • Hoses
      • Seeders: Hydro, Slit, Drop
      • Spreaders: Fertilizer, Seed