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HT-2000 Extreme High Temperature Ducting!!!

Premium Quality Product



HT-2000 is a High Temperature ducting hose that is quality made in Japan.

This Premium ducting hose is the next generation in high temperature venting for use in:

  • Vehicle Maintenance facility (current ongoing market), see supplement #1
  • Exhaust fume venting applications, see supplement #2
  • Sputter fume venting from iron works furnaces or cutters/melt-cutters
  • Circulation systems that generate hot air
  • Intact ducts for electricity/gas welding sparks and grinder sparks
  • Extreme heat venting applications

Through our research we are marketing to Industrial High Temperature Fan and Ventilation Engineering Designers & the Distributors in that industry as well as our current distribution of Industrial Hose Distributors. We have identified a High Temperature Ventilation Engineer network of distribution across the United States and Canada that specializes in High Temperature Industrial Fans. *See Supplement #2

This type of distributor specializes in all types of products for air moving applications including fans, blowers, noise attenuation, heating & cooling coils, custom air handlers, and custom air handling systems for the OEM, Industrial, and Commercial markets. They work with the most reputable
manufacturers in the industry who can supply both standard and custom products.

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HT-2000 Product Flyer

HT-2000 Specification Sheet


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